Champagne Lallier

Our favourite bubbly

Here at Betton Wines we do love Lallier champagne. Why? They produce superb champagnes. Representing excellent value.

Champagne Lallier is a small family business owned by Francis Tribaut, who is also the winemaker. They make Pinot Noir blends from their own, and other specially selected, 'Grand Cru' vineyards, at the heart of the region of Ay (also home to Bollinger).

The 'Grand Cru' sites are the crème de la crème of vineyards; classified as 100 out of 100. Like Bollinger, Lallier's wines use a high proportion of Pinot Noir in their blends from Grand Cru and Premier Cru sites.

As a result, Lallier do not produce good champagne: Lallier produce exceptional champagne!

Without a doubt our personal favourite is LALLIER GRAND CRU VINTAGE BRUT 2005. This vintage Champagne is a blend of slightly more Pinot Noir than Chardonnay. It has backbone with a lovely fresh, toasty, brioche style that is finished off with citrus fruit. Equally great with food, or drunk on its own.

We can’t praise it enough, and you’ll love the price.